Baldman Consulting

The Power of Video & Youtube Ads

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Marketing agency, Baldman Consulting and its social media focused subsidiary Baldman Social today announced a move into Video Production and Youtube advertising.

Managing Director, James Barratt, comments: ?There is an ever-increasing number of clients requesting film and video content and there is a ton of value for business in Youtube Advertising at the moment.? On top of that Facebook, is making a big push into video so we see it as imperative to providing our customer with the services they demand. Over 80% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, compared to 63% in 2017, and this is only set to grow further.”

“We?ve been looking to bring film production in- house for some time but a meeting in April with London-based Youtube Ad and Video Production expert, Tom Breeze, created some urgency in our minds to make finding the right partner a priority. Clients aren?t just looking for big epic TV productions, but also fast turnaround consumable formats for digital marketing and now we have the team on-hand ready to further support your business growth .?

Looking to introduce video into your marketing strategy? Give us a yell.