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Video Marketing on Facebook

Video is where it’s at! As we move into video production for our clients, here’s a few handy tips to get you started.

Use the square video format
According to the statistics, over 80% of users access Facebook via their mobile phone and by extension tend to watch ads on mobile phones most of the time where square videos fit the platform the best.

Chose a strong title
Your video titles should show the viewer why they should watch your video or buy your product. What is your unique selling point? Give it to the buyer immediately in the title.

Grab your viewer?s attention within the first three seconds
Videos with long introductions generally don?t work well on Facebook. Your ads must captivate the viewer immediately! Give your potential buyers as much as you can in these first 3 seconds, before they close your ad. Also be sure to use strong and captivating thumbnail images.

Use Captions
Ensure that even when muted, your video provides the necessary info. Roughly 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound off so unless you are able to convey the message you desire via images alone, this is important.

Target the right audience
Targeting within the Facebook advertising platform is powerful and can see you placing your well-crafted content in front of the most likely people to take action. That said, it is important to get this right so go to the effort of identifying the ideal customers you wish to target and profile their likely demographics and interests.  You may find there are several ideal customer personas and you should go through the exercise for each.  This will help you identify ways to target your audience.    Often, we see people running engagement campaigns in countries that are not target markets in order to generate social proof before running the ad in their target market.  This is NEVER OK and serves to confuse the pixel and will result is poorer results. Always run your engagement campaigns in your target market in order to generate social proof.

Add a call-to-action
Generally speaking we recommend adding a Call-to-action (CTA) however there are some instances where you might prefer for your video to appear more ?native? in the platform and decide against this. A CTA gives your users a straightforward idea of what they should do. Using a CTA will likely boost your click-through rates and get higher ROAS.Ideas of where to place it include: your video description, inside the video itself or at the end of the video using text overlay.

Reach a larger audience with tagging
Tagging is another way to get your video reach larger audience and make viewers interested in the content. If you filmed Madonna for one of your creatives to reach out to her enormous fan base you might achieve this by tagging Madonna in a post. Make sure you only make relevant tags.
To tag a person or a page in your post, simply press ?@? and enter their Facebook name.