As Australia comes out of Covid lockdown, many tradies have seen a bit of a boom because people are at home with time on their hands, finally getting around to those jobs or renovations that have been on the list for a while! But many Tradies are rightly concerned with how to keep their Trades Business alive over the forthcoming months.

Survival will replace growth as the primary driver and now more than ever to stay visible is to remain viable.

A recent survey of trade business owners revealed that “Ensuring your trade business survives the pandemic” has replaced “Finding enough work to keep the team busy” as the number one concern for business owners.

It’s no surprise really.

Especially when you consider the over reliance on word of mouth to win jobs amongst trades businesses.

Let me ask you this – have you recently done a search for your trade on Google only to find that your website is nowhere to be found?

 Then it’s safe to say that your customers cant find you on Google either.

 The fact is, a LOT of trades businesses don’t even have a website, a Facebook page or anything that could be called an online presence, let alone a lead generation strategy. 

 If you want your business to survive, this NEEDS to change and FAST!

 It’s time to step up as business owners and do what’s required to build a stronger, better positioned business that will not only survive the economic downturn but thrive on the other side.

 Our proven TRADIE METHOD for Tradies is our proprietary framework used to design a custom lead generation strategy for Trades Businesses that assists them to build authority, expand their client base and consistently beat the competition.

TTell your potential customers who you are and what you do. (AWARENESS)

Reach your audience where they are hanging out. First discover where they are and then make sure your message is front and centre. For example, Did you know that Social Media are used as a resources to gather ideas for upcoming projects?

A Authority is where it is at! This sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to charge a higher price for the same work. Competing on price is never a sustainable strategy.

Display your work. That’s right! SHOW IT OFF! Potential customers gain confidence from seeing not just hearing or reading about the quality of your work and this not only shortens the sales cycle but also makes converting so much easier!

I Identity Or Branding! This is how you really set yourself apart and WIN more jobs. You become an identifiable and memorable FORCE on-site, off-site & online. Keep your messaging on brand and become identified in your niche!

Expand your business by scaling your marketing. Baldman Consulting seeks to forge long term relationships with people we partner with and can scale with you.

We help establish your online presence and clearly show your customers why they should be choosing you based on your service, not your price.

We only work with tradies that want to take control of their business.

If you want a strategy to put your trades business in the best possible position to survive the current shutdown, STOP worrying about where you’ll find the next job and speak to the team to find out more about the TRADIE METHOD and how it can help your business.

To be eligible to take advantage of our TRADIE Lead Gen packages: –

  • You must have a website. (if you don’t. We can help. Learn more.)
  • You should have a portfolio of past work you’ve completed.  (A portfolio is preferable, but we do have strategies to work around this allowing you to build a portfolio if you are just starting out)
  • You can invest at least $1250.00 or more p/month on advertising
  • You own a Trades Business and want to see your  business not only survive but thrive.