Marketing Solutions

You Know Your Business and We Know Marketing.




Skilled in marketing, business, communications, and consumer behaviour, we think analytically and creatively to identify problems and solutions. Sometimes as a business owner you’re too close to the challenges at hand. We bring in specialised skills and expertise as well as providing an external perspective and viewpoint. Outsourcing to Baldman allows you to put more focus on your overall operations.  



We’re talking about the big picture and the high-level rules that direct your marketing activities. Your unique strategy will be drawn from market research, competitor analysis and SWOT appraisals. We’ll focus on the right product mix and touch points in order to achieve the maximum profit potential and sustain the business.  



Sales and marketing alignment is vital for B2B and B2C companies. It’s a must that these two are in sync or your initiatives could fall flat. When the two rally around a combined big-picture view of how to generate revenue and work together to achieve that goal, big things happen! We’ll work in tandem with your sales functions to shepherd leads and opportunities across the finish line.


Lead generation

Wouldn’t it be great if generating warm leads for your sales team was like turning on a tap! Want to be busier? Turn the tap on a little harder. Want to slow enquiries down? Turn the tap off. We can make this happen. Lead gen has undergone substantial change in recent years due to the rise of new online and social techniques and we know the strategies to support your lead gen endeavours. 



Your business NEEDS to be on Social Media and to remain competitive, you need a clear social strategy that engages with your audience. Build brand awareness, re-target, increase conversions and grow your social following. We’ve got the data driven strategies to optimise your ad spend for maximum ROI.

BALDMAN SOCIAL is our dedicated FACEBOOK™ Ad Agency, working closely with your business to generate quality leads and close more sales, harnessing the power of Facebook Ads. With over 1 billion users, the world’s largest and most influential social platform has revolutionised the way we connect and market.



Copywriting is the art of strategically delivering words that entice your audience to take some form of action. BALDMAN creates carefully crafted copy to speak for YOU, in YOUR voice, to YOUR market, with YOUR key messages to drive more customers to YOU. Our umbrella covers Advanced Email Campaigns, Intelligent Long Form Communication, Persuasive Brochures and Sales Material, Powerful E-commerce Copy, Punchy Ad Copy, Winning On-line Copy and Brilliant Blogs.  



Today’s consumers do their homework – they research and make informed decisions. We focus on putting your brand front and centre by crafting the right message for the right customer.  Content marketing is the strategy of developing industry relevant stories that serve as gateways for customers to get to know you. It’s also an excellent means for creating opportunities to start conversations with highly qualified leads. 



Websites are essentially the new office, storefront and first contact point for an increasing number of businesses and brands. Make a great impression and you can gain and keep a customer for life. We focus on great aesthetics and put ourselves in the user’s shoes, emphasising simple navigation and a top user experience. Our web team is full of supersmart tech eggs. 



Partner with The BALDMAN for exceptional design work that builds your brand and captures the imagination of your audience. Close collaboration leads to awesome design outcomes and we offer an extensive set of design services including brand strategy, visual identity, plus brochures, banners, flyers etc for digital and print. We position our clients to their best advantage with smart strategy and high-impact creative that is clear, surprising and beautiful.
A picture tells a thousand words.