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Agency Accelerator – FIJI 2019

In April this year I had the privilege of attending ‘The Agency Accelerator’ Conference in Fiji hosted by my mentor, Facebook Ads extraordinaire and founder of Eight Loop Social, FATC and the Facebook Ads Academy, Cat Howell.

It was an extraordinary 3 day event enjoyed by close to 70 of the best Facebook and social media marketing agency owners in the world and featured the cream of expert speakers in our space.

Copywriting to Attract Trophy Leads, FB Ad Secrets and the Anatomy of a 7 Figure Funnel.

Cat Howell started the event with her presentation on ‘Copywriting to Attract Trophy Leads’ and shared her method creating copy that converts.  Tim Burd shared with us the ‘Facebook Ad Secrets’ they don?t want you to know and proved to the room why he is known as the ‘Godfather of Facebook Ads’.  Akbar Sheikh broke down the anatomy of a 7 figure funnel for us and in doing so highlighted the importance of good copy and of crafting a story that sells.  Curt Maly spoke next, starting with an overview of ?The Belt? and “The Belt Method” he adopts and why, before sharing a number of killer strategies  such as the  ‘Hot 7 Video Strategy.

The BPM Mindset.

Depesh Mandalia, was up next. Owner of SMC, a growth marketing agency based in London he leades one of the most engaged Facebook Ads groups today.  He outlined for us The BPM Mindset to selling anything online. With the room hanging off every word, it was no surprise why Facebook seeks his advice about advertising on their platform.

The Mind Behind Go-Pro’s Marketing Success.

Ron Lynch is the marketing genius behind the phenomenal marketing success story that is GoPro.  He helped take them from about $600K to a Billion dollar company and also comes with a wealth of advertising and informercial experience. Rons? presentation shared his 4 Billion Dollars in Secrets gained over his years in the business and delved into the psychology behind strategies.

Youtube Ads, Systems and Why Size Matters!

We explored Youtube Ads and the vital importance of video with the owner of Video Results Ltd, Tom Breeze from London.  He showed us what strategies and techniques he uses to land clients and deliver Killer results. Katya Sarmiento highlighted the importance of having systems in your business and Tony Delmercado gave his presentation ?Size Matters?.  Tony is the founder of Hawke Media, a hugely successful agency in California.

The Psychology of Sales in the Digital Age and Strategic Partnerships.

Sales guru and Academy coach Stan Way explored the psychology of sales in the digital age and demonstrated through a series of exercises the importance of mindset in sales.  Anna Shalina followed with her presentation to remind and caution the room of very successful agency owners not to forget that the universe is bigger than us. Owner and Founder of Evocative Media, Jess Vassallo gave everyone an insight into how to forge strategic Partnerships both with other agencies and upstream businesses that share the same customers.

The Power of Mindset

And finally, to wrap up the event we heard from the Time Piercer himself, Jesse Elder.  Jesse followed on from Anna?s theme in his speech, ‘The Ethical Predator’ and left everyone with some profound thoughts to take with them.