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A Complete Lead Generation Methodology for Builders

Let’s face it, finding new leads is an ongoing requirement for any construction business.

After all, most clients aren’t in a position to provide repeat business. 

Typically, once you build their home or commercial building they are no longer in the market for a builder.

So, it’s important that you have an effective lead generation strategy in place that is designed to consistently deliver high quality leads that are ready to engage your services.

As we move into a period of increased uncertainty, where competition will likely become even more fierce, now more than ever it is crucial to ensure that your online presence reflects and complements your business and you have a lead generation strategy that is aligned with your business goals and resources.

Enter our signature “DESIGN & CONSTRUCT” Lead Gen Methodology for BUILDERS.

Inspired by design and construct contracts in the building industry and honed from working with builders for years.

We have developed our signature DESIGN & CONSTRUCT lead generation methodology for builders, only incorporating the elements necessary to deliver you the best ROI.

Different from other agencies who try to apply or adapt a standard “cookie cutter” PPC, Content or SEO lead gen solution depending on their specialty.

f a repositioning is required it is best, it is identified early and that this is incorporated into the lead gen strategy so as to enhance and propel the change in identity among consumers.

It also reduces the chance of solidifying a wrongly held market position or confusing your target market.

Understanding your market position is also essential for us to determine the appropriate messaging, tone and target audience for your company.

Do you build luxury homes?

Do you specialise in commercial builds?

Is your focus house and land packages?

Increasingly people research and plan for their upcoming projects online, which means that well prior to ever coming into contact with anyone from your team they will likely have researched you, your construction company and all of your competitors online.

Does your business already have an online presence?

And what impression does it currently give those searching to engage your services?

We can confidently say from experience that there are some building companies who are absolutely nailing their digital marketing and you can probably name one or two without too much trouble.

The truth is, most builders could do much better. And some simply risk being left behind

Our methodology can be seen more as a framework that puts your business front and centre.

Unlike many others we begin with understanding your market position when designing a strategy and determining the right mix of solutions for your company.

So, what is market positioning?

Put simply, your market position refers to the consumers perception of your building company in relation to competing construction companies.

And why is it important for generating leads for your building company?

It is important when designing a lead generation strategy to understand both the current and desired market positions held by your business.


Do you work with one or two others?

Do you run a small crew?

Or, do you have multiple teams working on a number of different sites at any one time?

No two builders are the same. And its understanding this that makes us different.

Get in touch to learn more about our DESIGN & CONSTRUCT METHODOLOGY and find out what it can do for your building company.

Here’s to your success.

James Barratt (or Baz, The Baldman)