Marketing Audit

What is a marketing audit?

Baldman’s marketing audit identifies your marketing gaps and wins with a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your current marketing landscape. It is a comprehensive, independent and systematic review of the company’s environment, objectives, strategies and activities and is designed to identify problem areas, opportunities and a recommended plan of action.  Our report will pinpoint what steps need to happen to strengthen your overall marketing strategy.

Why you need it?

A marketing audit is like a dental checkup in the business world. It is designed to catch major flaws in strategy, process and implementation before a costly mistake.  Done right it will keep marketing aligned with revenue goals and serve to prevent anything potentially detrimental to the future of your business

How we do it?

  1. Set clear objectives and identify stakeholders
  2. Conduct research and collect data
  3. Organise and analyse information
  4. Compile a report outlining recommendations and next steps.