Copywriting: the art and science of strategically delivering words – whether written or spoken – that get people to take some form of action. 

With years of  experience, Baldman Consulting will lift the profile and voice of your business with crisply crafted copy that connects you with the right audience.

Copywriting is one of the most vital components of effective online marketing and is the heart and soul of almost every marketing endeavour. 

This includes, but is far from limited to:

    • Advanced Email Campaigns
    • Intelligent Long Form Communication
    • Persuasive Brochures and Sales Material
    • Powerful E-commerce Copy
    • Punchy Ad Copy
    • Winning On-line Copy including Blogs

Advanced Email Campaigns

Don’t set yourself up for a digital marketing fail by brushing off email marketing. It is very effective at helping business owners and customers stay connected and delivers the right message at the right time to the right audience.

Plus with mobile phones making inboxes portable, you’re never really offline. Take advantage of that!

As specialists in crafting letters that leads to conversions, Baldman Consulting will develop and manage your next email campaign, including copy, images, database lists, mail merges and tracking.

Intelligent Long Form Communication

Let Baldman Consulting act as your corporate communications professional.

With global experience across a range of industries, we use our corporate writing skills to  support your values and goals, and further the overarching strategy of your organisation.

For your internal audience (employees), we write:

      • Newsletters
      • In-house magazines
      • Company-wide news
      • Intranet sites etc.

For your external business communication, (shareholders, analysts, the public etc) we write:

      • Annual reports
      • Opinion pieces
      • Case studies
      • White Papers
      • Articles
      • Policy statements
      • Speeches and presentations etc.

Persuasive Brochures and Sales Material

Brochures can be a powerful canvas for you to persuasively and credibly speak to your audience. Plus the long shelf life has a cumulative effect on the overall branding of your small or medium business.

But they only become powerful when created uniquely and accurately. This is a collective process between writers, designers and printers.

With years of creative publication experience, the Baldman follows a strategic structure to develop clear and persuasive brochures and sales material to help sweep your prospect toward a conversion.

We have the resources to manage your brochure and sales material production, including:

      • Planning
      • Words and images
      • Design layout
      • Proofing
      • Final print.

Powerful E-Commerce Copy

Add credibility to your online store with our informational and motivational content.

We know the value of unique product descriptions and their role in influencing your buyers’ decisions while browsing through your virtual shop.

Baldman will write unique content for your product descriptions that are both SEO-friendly and fuel your customers’ emotional need to buy.

Punchy Ad Copy

Crafting effective advertising copy is as critical to your campaign as the message, image and layout of your display ads. It’s a key player in creating strong brand recognition, retention and loyalty.

Our advertising copy is packed with emotional accuracy to succinctly illustrate your company’s core offerings on a personal level. The Baldman’s advertising copy prowess hits the mark and packs a punch!

We create advertising copy for:

      • Printed publications
      • Online
      • Direct mail
      • Product placement
      • Sponsorship

Winning Online Copy

As a small to medium business, it’s vital to position yourself with a strong, online presence that communicates your brand 24/7 and motivates customers to engage with you.

For this, you need remarkable words.

Baldman Consulting creates carefully crafted copy to speak for YOU; in YOUR voice, to YOUR market, with YOUR key messages to drive more customers to YOU.

Choose Baldman Consulting to write content for your website, and watch your customer engagement soar. Our words work!

And of course, search engines love our website copy. With high performing and heavily researched SEO practices, you’ll be seen in all the right places.